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              Whole Staff Participation In KRECO’s Innovation Strategy
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              Enterprise is a complex system, composed of many elements and affected by many factors. The competition between enterprises is the competition of their system, overall strength. That requires enterprises should running with innovation in the whole organization.

              KingRong Combined with its own development, gradually formed innovation atmosphere based on the requirement of the market, and dominated by staff.

              1.Cherish each employee’s inspiration
              In many companies, what to innovate, how to innovate, are decided by the enterprise decision makers. Once the decision makers were replaced, or their focus changed, the innovation is unsustainable. A survey found that, only 6% export companies believe ideas are made from interior. Fortunately, we are one of those 6%, driven by internal innovation, not only products made a breakthrough, but also working process is simplifying, those Greatly improve the work efficiency of the company.

              2. Allowed to make mistakes
              Compared with success, failure may teach us more, on condition that we are willing to learn with an open mind, rather than try to defend their mistakes. KingRong allow conditional failure, continuous trial and error, and encourage the losers.

              3. Try to imitate first, then innovate
              Learning cannot be separated from the process of imitation, innovation based on imitation is true, it also the path for the development of era. To complete accumulation by imitating, realize self-growth, and enhance the effectiveness of the innovation. Imitation is for the purpose of through learning from others, firming our own foundation, comprehensive grasp of the details of the product, it also a shortcut to ensure reliable product. Innovation is to optimize resources configuration to meet the new requirements, has its inherent law.

              4. Grasp the trend, self-innovation, and constantly return to zero
              The era of rapid change, cannot indulge in its former glory, but to speed up the pace, try to self-innovation. Start again, you are zero, continue to create, that’s what innovation is. "Zero", of course, does not mean that the past completely negative, but face to the existing success realistically. Drop your current honor, glory. Remember how you stick to came, never dependent on the current development model, based on the reality, display imagination, break new ground, start again.

              5. Find the object of innovation
              Innovation is based on user demands to carry out the company's work. The company's innovation pace, must be consistent with the needs of customers. Thoughtful after-sales services, also an important part of the innovation system.

                                                                                                                                                                  Sharon W